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BSI Logo“The Tech4T team did a fantastic job at reviewing our sales areas…
The changes to the territories contributed to our success as a sales team”
Penny Townsend, National Sales Manager, BSI

We help you solve challenges like these…


If your business has a field force of any type - sales, service, support... it needs a territory structure that enables the team to work in the most efficient and effective way. We can help!
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How can I see what’s happening “on the ground” with my team?

A discovery project is the starting point to field sales optimisation. We analyse the 'As-is' - the components that affect your sales levels – customer, prospects, competitor & rep locations, rep skills, sales potential, product take up for instance – and identify high impact improvements to increase sales and/or productivity.

How do we help reps visit more of the right kind of customers & prospects?

We develop a robust customer (and prospect) segmentation scheme and assign the best call patterns, pricing policy and contact strategy based on worth to your company. We then logistically schedule visits to maximise productivity.

What’s the right sized field team for our company?

We analyse visit workload and team capacity and capability to make sure your customers and prospects receive appropriate coverage and the right mix of company products are sold. We logistically assess field team locations against the proximity to planned visit locations then determine the right headcount to ensure targets can be achieved with a team that is stretched but not overworked.

Are our territories aligned to maximise sales potential?

Current territories can be assessed and boundaries adjusted to improve sales and productivity whilst minimising disruption. We make sure territories have the right mix of high value customer accounts and new prospective business and most importantly aligned to take account of predicted sales potential vs. the field operative's capacity and capability.

To keep ahead of your competitors, or just to keep pace, the need to use customer insight in all types of business is becoming more urgent.
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What are the benefits of analysing my data?

More precise customer and prospect targeting, team productivity improvement, improved siting of stores and a deeper understanding of the levers you can manipulate to improve sales and margins. We can undertake CHAID response modelling to pinpoint the segments of your database that are more likely to respond to your offers than others.

Where are we losing out to competitors?

We spatially analyse and visualise your sales data and competitor information geographically to give you a clear view of your competitors' base locations, their likely impact on your business and how this might be counteracted.

Which customers are likely to defect?

We use predictive modelling to identify which buying patterns indicate a customer is likely to defect to a competitor so you can take corrective action to keep their business.

How do we track changes in customer purchasing behaviour to improve targeting?

We analyse your customers' trading patterns to deliver regular targeting insights – who best to contact, why (cross sell, up sell, prevent defection) and the most cost effective channel based on value to your business (email, tel, visit)

Tech4T thrive on data. We have built our business around our ability to manipulate, standardise, clean, enhance, merge, analyse, map and report our customers’ data to support their business growth.
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How can we keep our database updated?

We can maintain a copy of your database and refresh it regularly with up-to-date data – daily, weekly, monthly. We take away the pain of data management. You have up-to-date information to run your business.

How can we turn separate data sources into actionable sales intelligence?

We can merge data from multiple databases and spreadsheets, standardising and matching codes and terminology from different business areas, to form one consolidated data source ready for analysis.

How can I move data in one format to a new system with a different format?

We have many years experience in handling data and can consolidate your data, remove duplicate records and map your original data format to any new format.

How can we target new prospects?

We supply high quality business and consumer prospect lists for your target market. We research to find the best list and deduplicate lists against your own customer database.

Whatever you need mapping we can help. Be it customer or Postcode Maps, Sales Areas, Franchise Regions, Market Penetration, Demographics... we offer a fast and cost-effective service.
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How can geographic mapping help my business?

Plan your business strategy and target your markets with maps that deliver visual intelligence. Knowledge is your greatest competitive advantage.

How can I find the geographic areas of growth for my business?

We can profile your customers, identify the size of your markets across the country, and map your customers. Areas of opportunity will be identified for you to focus your sales and marketing activity on.

Are there overlaps between my catchment areas and those of my competitors?

We analyse and map your outlets, those of your competitors and all catchment areas so you can see any areas of cannibalisation impacting your business.

How can I understand postal geography and the underlying demographics?

We can produce postcode maps showing any level of detail. These can be produced in PDF format or created as separate web pages that allow you to drill down and explore any data.

If you sell through a retail or distribution network, you need to ensure your outlets or stockists are in the best locations to attract consumers matching your customer demographics.
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Why does one store under perform & another smash its targets?

We analyse the factors impacting performance – population demographics in the catchment area, centre attractiveness, transport, does the stock suit the shoppers and so on – to give you the answer.

Which outlets should stock our products?

We examine who buys your products, determine where they live and visualise current and potential stockists in those areas so you can place your products near your customers. Importantly we look at how cannibalisation across competing outlets could detrimentally effect your brand.

How many outlets will an area support?

We help you plan expansion on the basis of robust analysis designed to help you understand the realistic number of stores a market or geographic area can support and the best locations to site them.

What is the best location for a new store or outlet?

Whether your outlet is a retail store, service centre or distribution depot, or if you are considering relocating, we evaluate potential sites against measures such as strategic coverage, earning potential and competitive advantage.

If you operate a franchise operation you need hand crafted and right-sized franchise territories that substantiate your offer and help your franchisees maximise ROI.
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What is the best size for my franchise territories?

Territory geographic sizes are different for each franchise business. They depend on the types and numbers of customers needed to make a living, anticipated marketing activity, full or part-time franchisees, demographics, rural, urban or city focused, etc. We help you select the best criteria and map your network.

Can I start with a pilot territory?

A pilot territory is particularly good if you “dip a toe in the water” of franchising. We help you pick the best area and define the territory boundaries.

What do I do if I’ve already sold some territories?

No problem. We can create a territory network that accommodates sold territories; their boundaries would be “locked down” in the design and mapping process.

How can I best help my franchisees off to a good start?

Heat maps – map shaded by colour to denote concentrations of your target market – give franchisees a guide to the best marketing areas. We can also provide leaflet distribution maps and road lists together with high quality prospect lists to give your franchisees a flying start.

Tech4T provide a range of innovative, cost-effective and fast-to-deploy mapping and database software. This is tailored to meet specific business needs and supported by a team with extensive data management, analysis and software customisation skills.
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Which software will help us increase sales & productivity?

Territory Runner™ can be used to expedite sales planning, customer/prospect targeting and journey planning to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. Or, if you have data stored in disparate databases, files or spreadsheets, accessed locally via a PC, we can transform your data into a single, enhanced online database. This database is available to your team direct from any location via their web browser running on mobile devices, Macs or PCs. Users can search and update information, upload documents or photographs, and export the information in a format to suit their needs.

How can I achieve a single customer view for marketing?

If you have a large amount of data – 100's of thousands or millions of records - we would recommend a FastStats marketing analysis system. We can configure the system to suit you, prepare & load your data and regularly refresh the data

How can I improve my marketing campaign planning & response?

Territory Runner™ – powerful marketing database software with fully integrated mapping technology - will support your marketing campaign planning, execution and response measurement. You can even target prospects falling within X miles of customer or venue locations. We also offer predictive and response modelling services, including CHAID, to save you costs by only targeting those people more likely to respond.

How can I manage my franchise territory sales more easily?

Territory Runner will give you a complete view of your territories, make handling your day-to-day operations much easier and helping you keep track of all franchisee enquiries, negotiations and sales.

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